Cat Mod Fabric Cat Maze - Charcoal Gray

$ 225.00

This piece is very spacious and is great for cats with territorial issues. Its design encourages thought and problem solving as cats navigate their way to the top. Cats with confidence issues can rest easy when they lounge on the top hammock.

  • Great for lounging and to give your cats their own space
  • Hidden bracket system
  • Sturdy, tested to hold 62 lbs per hammock and 85 lbs per wooden piece
  • Beautiful, large, and sleek design
  • Create your own unique designs
  • Fabric can be easily removed and washed
  • Ships within 1 week

This is the 2nd generation version of the Fabric Cat Maze made from the Cat Mod line.

– Includes –
20 grommets of Canvas fabric (154″)
18″ Sisal-lined escape hatch
5 Mounting planks

– Standard Dimensions –
Total width: 52″ Total height: 31″ Depth: 11″
The hole in the Escape Hatch is 7.75” in diameter

Installation Instructions
This piece is mounted among four studs, spaced 16″ apart, made with solid wood for the shelving and mounting posts, and thick heavy-weight canvas for the hammocks tested to hold 85 pounds. All brackets come attached for easy installation and screws are included.

Measures 52in x 31in x 11in
This item is made to order and may take up to two weeks to be shipped
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