Our Mission, Values, and Inspiration


Our Mission, Values, and Inspiration

Thank you for visiting Cody and Bella! We recently launched and wanted to share with you our mission, values, and inspiration for founding Cody and Bella.

Here at Cody and Bella, we are passionate about dogs and cats, and think that they deserve high quality furniture and accessories. That's why all the products we sell are durable, beautiful, and designed with your pet's comfort and health as the top priority. 

Howly, every detail designed to enhance your pet's comfort

We also believe that the best products are made using sustainable and humane practices.

Essential Leather Collar, handmade in the USA using leather from humanely raised cows

Lastly, for one big reason you will see below, we absolutely love rescue pets!

Ombre Adjustable Rope Leash, featuring individually stamped FOUND tags

Our inspiration for launching Cody and Bella is our rescue cat, Bella, adopted from the local ASPCA. She is sweet, curious, gentle, talkative and a joy to have in our home! We only want the best for her, as those of you reading this post want for your pets too. We are dedicated to recommending only the highest quality products that we would be willing to purchase for Bella too. 

Thank you so much for reading our first blog post outlining our mission, values, and inspiration. Stay tuned for more posts featuring product reviews, promotions, news, and items of interest we find to share with you!


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