Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer

This summer has been a hot, humid one, at least for those of us in the NYC area. That hasn't stopped our canine friends from wanting to get out and about!

One trait I just love about dogs is their boundless energy regardless of weather. That attitude inspires me to live in the moment and choose to see the positive no matter what the circumstances are. Thanks, doggie friends for that positive energy! 

Even though our dogs have a blast playing outside for hours in the summertime, the heat makes it easier for them to get dehydrated. To keep your dog hydrated in style, I recommend using our canvas collapsible water bowl. Since it's collapsible, it's easy to carry around if you and your dog are going to be out for a while. It's also durable and the design was even inspired by military buckets.

You can find this canvas collapsible bowl here.

I hope you and your dog find lots of opportunities to get outside this summer! We sure will!

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